Come away with me….

Away from the hussle and bustle of the city;
Away from the stressful busyness of our lives…
To a place of tranquility, of quiet. 

Stop for a moment….

Do you remember what it’s like to pause and notice the beauty of your surroundings?


Stay here with me awhile….

See, in the distance, the towering mountains. What do you feel – awe, wonder …. a call to climb?
Look at those majestic mountains, then notice the soft mist rising in the valleys. What a contrast!
Slip off your shoes but tread carefully over the uneven ground; feel the hard surface,
but also sense the strength and stability of those rocks.


Listen and you will hear water rushing to places unknown. Tune in to the birdsong in the treetops.
Allow your eyes to wander and rest on the waterfall cascading upstream.
Then stop here by the river, and dip your hand into its cool waters.
Notice how it trickles through your fingers.


Can you feel the cool breeze on your face?
Breathe in deeply the misty fragrance of the air;   drink in the earthy scent;   taste it’s sweetness.
Breathe out any lingering tension in your body.
Allow these images to wash away the cares and worries of daily life.


Be still and think only thoughts of peace.
As you abide in the quietness, the restlessness will cease.


But in contrast, your senses will be alive and vibrating with an awareness of the natural world.
Renew and refresh yourself in these paintings of God’s majestic, but peaceful creation.


Join me on this journey where your mind can wander to places of tranquility.
And then allow you to return to your daily life refreshed and revived.

A blessing indeed!